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About Us

Heather Nusbaum, certified personal trainer
Heather Nusbaum

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Heather Nusbaum is a Certified Management Accountant, Exercise Physiologist, Licensed Massage Therapist, MELT Instructor, and Master Trainer with NASM & ISSA. In 2013, Heather created Paws for Fitness a program to incorporate canines in the workout process. Over the years, this program has become a therapeutic modality within the training protocols of Nutree Fitness.

As a Therapist and CEO, Heather’s goals are to improve others’ quality of life and help them exceed their goals.

How did Heather go from Accounting and Business to Exercise Physiology? At a young age Heather was diagnosed with ‘Dysfunctional Knees’, this was a label that was attached to describe being in pain 24/7. This pain continued for the next 15+ years. After gaining weight due to age and inactivity, she realized that something had to give in her early 30’s. On her own she picked up and modified a box program and within one year had completely removed all the knee pain she’d suffered for the last 15+ years.

Over the next few years, it became apparent that Heather could ‘get smarter’ and help other people do what she had accomplished by accident, improving their quality of life and moving toward a pain free existence. In 2014, Heather and her husband Eric decided to create Nutree Fitness and focus on individuals who needed to get out of pain without creating more pain for themselves and helping other individuals in self-care businesses to not be taken advantage of.

Today Heather and Eric own 3 businesses focused on helping others to become their best self. Nutree Fitness’s focus is still to help individuals who are broken due to biology or life to improve their quality of life. Individuals who are in chronic pain, have a history of injuries, and/or need a general corrective movement plan. What better way to help people than to make their pain go away...

What our clients say about us -

"Ms. Nusbaum will intently listen to your goals and medically related physical limitation(s). She will design a realistic, challenging, and rewarding program to meet the needs of trainee. She is a true professional in every sense of the word." - B. H.

"Heather really makes [class] so fun that you don't even realize how hard you are working." - C. D.

"Heather has been a essential part of my sucess in competitive sports. I enjoy every session and see results. I’m a fan of this trainer, Thank you!" - A. L.

"Heather has vast and detailed knowledge of each specific exercise; she does a great job of explaining how to perform the repetition but also knows exactly what muscle group(s) each one targets. She is also a great motivator, mentor and coach with a friendly personality and an awesome sense of humor. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn, laugh and get into sharp all at the same time. She is always on time and can work around any complex schedule." - J. M.

"Since beginning my training with Heather back in May, I've gone from a sz.14 to a sz 10. I've lost 3ins from my bottom, 4 ins around my waist, and my bra sz from 38 to 34. Heather is very motivating and encouraging; she's truly inspired me to remain on the road to health and a nutritional lifestyle." - A. K.

"Great trainer who is very knowledgeable and fun to be around." - A. M.

"I love Jo, she cares, and is so patient, yet encourages me to give my workout my all. I've learned a lot from her and well as feel empowered to continue with my exercise goals. Thank YOU!!" - A. L.

"I don't normally sweat, but with you no matter how long we work out, I always sweat."

"I enjoyed working with Heather because I knew I could look forward to fun and a much harder workout than I'd do on my own. She has a very intimidating way of helping you push your own limits - with undeniable results."

"I'm a retired 53 year old woman. I have had a difficult time finding a comfortable workout routine due to medical conditions…Heather has worked so carefully to create an exercise program that challenges me without causing a flare in my pain level… No matter what your fitness goal, I am certain that Heather will be more than able to help you get there."

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